Fresh, cold-pressed goodness on the go.

Europe’s first cold-pressed baby food, that’s as good as homemade. 100% organic, 100% natural, no added sugars, colours or preservatives. Find it in the chilled section of all good supermarkets. Natural, nutritious, convenient and full of flavour.

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Heat Pasteurisation

Ambient baby food is heated to high temperatures (often between 90-121 ℃) through a process called Heat Pasteurisation. Heat pasteurisation kills off the nasties, but it also kills off all the good stuff that helps babies grow and develop. Not only that, the full flavour of the ingredients is lost! We really believe this doesn’t have to be the case so, committed to finding an alternative, we searched far and wide for a better way.

High Pressure Processing

We’re proud to say we are Europe’s first baby food brand to use HPP as well as cold-pressing our fruit and veg. HPP (High Pressure Processing) means we’re able to deactivate bacteria without effecting the fresh flavour, vitamins and nutritional value. Now your child can fully benefit from the essential, natural goodness of the fruit and vegetables, and enjoy an even more delicious meal.

This is why we’re Made Different

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A lifetime of healthy eating starts with the very first bite.

When we looked at manufactured baby food, we realised babies weren’t getting the real food that they deserved. This is why we created My First Savsé – Europe’s first HPP baby food that’s as good as homemade.

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Unlike heat-treated baby food products, you won’t find us in the baby aisle. Find us in the chilled section of the supermarket along with all the other fresh products.

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