timeline 1980

1980’s – Where it all began

This is our founder, Guka, with his mum and inspiration, Nina.

Nina started experimenting with fruit & veg smoothies during her pregnancy when doctors found she was suffering from an iron deficiency and suggested she juice spinach and apples to increase her iron levels naturally. She started experimenting with fruit and veg combinations and loved the results so much she brought Guka and his two sisters up drinking her smoothies (which also proved a great way to get her kids to drink their greens!)

timeline 2013

2013 – Savsé Smoothies was born

Skip forwards almost 30 years and Guka’s still drinking homemade fruit & veg smoothies, but life has become increasingly busy, making it harder to maintain a healthy diet. Frustrated to find that the only smoothies available in shops were heat pasteurised and full of sugar, Guka decided it was time for a change. He was determined to find a way of creating something as good as his mother’s homemade smoothies but in a more convenient form. Savsé Smoothies was born.

timeline 2015

Why can’t babies have access to real food too?

“Refusing to feed my child pasteurised product, I wanted to push boundaries and create the freshest baby food possible. After all, real food isn’t just for adults.” (Guka, My First Savsé Founder)

With Guka and his Fiancé soon to become parents themselves, they wanted to ensure they could provide their baby with the most nutritious food possible – giving their child the very best chance of a healthy upbringing, and starting good habits early. With limited time in the day to cook all meals from scratch, but the refusal to give their child pasteurised produce, Guka quickly became aware of the lack of options available in the UK that were nutritious, convenient and, importantly, delicious.

timeline 2017

In 2017 My First Savsé was born

And so the next stage of Savsé’s journey began – creating Europe’s first ever cold-pressed baby food to ensure babies could have the very best, whether at home or on-the-go.

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